Airpods Max Price

AED 1,899

The Lowest price of Airpods Max in Dubai is AED 1,899, and the estimated average price is AED 1,955.58. Previously the price was AED 2,190 in February, approximately a 16% decrease. Latest Apr 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Dubai.

Electronics prices have gone down 2% in the last 30 days. Airpods Max is widely available online.

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TWS: Yes
Noise Cancellation: Active
Battery Life: 20 Hours

Introducing a symphony of sound and style, AirPods Max the ultimate wireless headphones for discerning music lovers. With a stunning combination of sleek design and premium materials, these headphones deliver top-notch audio and ensure unmatched comfort during extended use.  Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic soundstage . Perfect for both iPhone and Android users, these headphones effortlessly switch between devices, making your daily life a breeze. Experience music like never before, as the AirPods Max redefines your auditory senses.

Airpods Max Price in Dubai

The prices are collected from the best online stores in Dubai like Jazp, Amazon, Carrefour - updated Apr 2024.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Aug 2023 AED 1,838
Sep 2023 AED 1,836
Sep 2023 AED 1,838
Oct 2023 AED 1,836
Oct 2023 AED 1,838
Oct 2023 AED 1,829
Oct 2023 AED 1,838
Oct 2023 AED 1,880
Nov 2023 AED 1,899
Jan 2024 AED 2,099
Jan 2024 AED 1,899
Feb 2024 AED 2,190
Feb 2024 AED 1,899
Feb 2024 AED 2,190
Feb 2024 AED 1,899
Apr 2024 AED 1,899

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