Canon EOS R6 Mark II Price

AED 9,131.19

The Lowest price of Canon EOS R6 Mark II in Dubai is AED 9,131.19, and the estimated average price is AED 10,989.45. Previously the price was AED 9,131 in December, approximately a 1% increase. Latest Dec 2023 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Dubai.

Electronics prices have gone down 6% in the last 30 days. Canon EOS R6 Mark II is available at very limited stores online.

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Sensor : Full Frame
Pixels: 20.2MP
AF Points : 4897
Video : 4K 60p

The EOS R6 Mark II is a full framed Mirrorless camera powered by Canon. It is a high performance camera specially designed for enthusiasts and professional photographers. This camera features 20.2 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC X processor that delivers rich details, a great low-light performance and a high class image quality. The EOS R6 Mark II comes with an ISO range of 100-102400 which gives an incredible image quality even in dim light. This Mirrorless camera has advanced Stabilization system with 8 stops of shake correction in it that helps to shoot or capture photos without any blur. It has a flexible and 3 inches fully-articulating LCD touch screen that can take shots from any angle without any difficulty. It is a compact and versatile multimedia tool that can record 4K video at the rate of 60 fps and Full HD video at the rate of 120 frames per second. The EOS R6 Mark II comes with a high resolution EVF which ensures you to see every scene clearly. This camera also comes with dual-pixel CMOS Autofocus II system with 1053 autofocus points so you can easily capture most fleeting moments and fast moving things.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Jul 2023 AED 9,999
Aug 2023 AED 9,750
Aug 2023 AED 9,979
Sep 2023 AED 9,999
Sep 2023 AED 10,498
Sep 2023 AED 9,999
Oct 2023 AED 9,673
Oct 2023 AED 9,547
Nov 2023 AED 9,547
Nov 2023 AED 9,376
Nov 2023 AED 9,316
Nov 2023 AED 9,351
Nov 2023 AED 9,279
Nov 2023 AED 9,279
Nov 2023 AED 9,164
Nov 2023 AED 9,070
Nov 2023 AED 9,185
Nov 2023 AED 9,070
Nov 2023 AED 9,170
Dec 2023 AED 9,246
Dec 2023 AED 9,131
Dec 2023 AED 9,131

Canon EOS R6 Mark II Specs

Image Sensor
Sensor Type Full Frame
Pixels 20.2MP
AF Points 4897
Resolution 4K 60p
Weight 670 g Approx
ISO 100 - 102400
Mount Type Canon RF
LCD Touchscreen LCD
Viewfinder Type Electronic

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